Language - Bhojpuri

Mr. Sanoj Mishra


Ravi Kishan, Pawan Singh, Shubhi Sharma, Sanju Solanki, Siraj Bhagat, Reshma Shaikh etc.


Pawan (Pawan singh) is a brilliant man who wants to become a realtor, against to the will of his father (Ramteerath), who doesn't support his goal. Pawan's brother has been murdered by Mahadev (Ravi Kishan) so to take revenge from Mahadev ,he wins the heart of Mahdev's sister Komal (Shubhi). Mahadev wants him to leave his sister. Pawan in return demands money. Mahadev gives him a cheque from a dubious bank. However, Pawan gets his money because he blackmailed Mahadev , threatening to expose some photos of Komal. But later on he falls in love with her. Mahadev plans an IT raid on Pawan's companies. However, that plan backfires. Then Mahadev tries to get his sister married to his friend's brother, but the hero marries her. The story ends with Pawan returning all the money taken from the Mahadev, who finally accepts the marriage.